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Are you ignoring these warning signs?

If you are the one who just got a prosthetic leg – you may face a series of new sensations, issues, and of course, new learnings. We understand that it can be confusing and tiring at times to figure out whom to contact when you have a question or you face any kind of problem. 

Ignoring the warning signs is the biggest mistake you can make as an amputee!

Yes, there are times when your concerns might feel exaggerated or other worldly but you have to know that googling around will just increase your stress and anxiety. The professionals in your reach will not only consider your discomfort or issue as a valid concern but will guide you throughout. 

Never shy away from seeking medical attention or contacting your PO (Prosthetists). Now, the question is when to call whom?

We’ll breakdown the details for you – 

Contacting a medical professional i.e. seeking emergency medical attention:

  • If your stump suddenly has red marks that do not disappear even after 15-20 minutes.
  • If your stump has discharged blood, fluid or pus.
  • If your stump’s temperature feels unusually hot or cold.

Contacting a PO (Prosthetists):

  • If your stump socks are getting thinner or worn out.
  • There is an unusual need to increase your stump socks that indicates that your socket feels too loose. 
  • Your socket liners are split, torn or worn out.
  • Your socket feels too tight, it is difficult to adjust your stump inside.
  • If your Prosthesis feels too heavy to lift
  • If your Prosthesis shows signs of wear and tear.
  • If your Prosthesis needs any mechanical alteration. (in case of instability)

Wondering where to find a good PO? – Call us! Our experienced and certified Prosthetists are waiting for you, it’s time to address the warning signs.

In addition to these, reach out to your POs or rehabilitation professionals to keep your exercises at par with your fitness goals. To begin with for below knee amputees and for above knee amputees – refer to these. 

For nutritional guidance – refer to our “Top 10 ways to lead a healthy lifestyle as an amputee”

For further queries you can reach out to us and we’ll be there to guide you through-out. It’s time to Step it up with Instalimb – Contact us today!


Top 10 ways to lead a healthy lifestyle post Amputation

We understand that amputation can take a toll on your physical and mental health. In this process of gaining normalcy in your lifestyle, one of the most important things is to cater to your health – i.e. to focus on your nutritional uptake to form a healthy bond with your body.

We’re here to let you in on the top ten ways that will definitely help you achieve your healthy lifestyle. Take a stroll through : 

  1. Taking care of your water intake – We all know that more than half our body is water content. It regulates our bodily functions. You should drink at least 2 litres of water every day!
  2. Decrease your Sugar intake – Try to switch from sugar rich foods to fruits to crave your sweet tooth. Sugar intake often leads to lethargy and may cause inflammation.
  3. Aiming for the Greens – Leafy green vegetables are a great source of nutrition to place in your diet.
  4. Focussing on Protein consumption – We are told to consume protein to build muscle, but that is not all – protein consumption helps in healing tissue repair, and immunity building. Depending on your dietary preference; for non-vegetarians, you can seek high protein food like fish or chicken. For vegetarians, seek sources like legumes and beans. 
  5. Focus on food contents that promote wound healing – Apart from protein intake, focus on Vitamin C and E intake. You’ll find it in food content like Fruits (citrus especially), nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), milk, eggs and so on.
  6. Cutting the plate size – If you’re advised to cut calories, start using smaller plates. If you’re still hungry after eating smaller portions, go for a refill, you’re less likely to over-consume via this method.
  7. Switch to healthy eating – Avoid junk food as much as you can. Switch from soda to juices, from junk oily food to healthy alternatives. It’s a lifestyle choice!
  8. Plan your meals – Planning your meals for a week ahead gives you ample control over your consumption and reduces the chance of junk food intake.
  9. One step at a time – Don’t aim on bringing all the changes in one go, start with the small steps and slowly build your routine!
  10. Consult a nutritionist – It is always great to get professional advice and follow it religiously.

Apart from these focus on your exercise routine as well. For below knee amputees and for above knee amputees – refer to these.

For further queries you can reach out to us and we’ll be there to guide you through-out. It’s time to Step it up with Instalimb – Contact us today!


INSTALIMB – Raises ₹ 26 Crore funding to introduce advanced quality products with personalised solutions in the Indian market


  • The Japanese producer creates products inspired by 3D print and AI driven technology
  • Operations to begin in India (Gurgaon) where they will offer these advanced products
  • Instalimb believes in offering value-added services like online stump check for patients who wants to save time to travel to the clinic and also designated counselors will attend to patients from onboard to delivery along with prosthetists

INDIA, 14 JULY, 2022: Japan based world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic legs maker Instalimb raised 445 million yen (₹ 26 crore) in Series A funding in Japan (including investment, loans, and grants) to foray into the Indian market and launched its technologically advanced prosthetic wear solutions in Gurgaon on 1st of July. 

Instalimb promises value proposition to the Indian market by revolutionizing prosthetic socket fit and production process that is widely scalable, does not require much space and does not require manpower with specialized skill. This game changing start-up aims to deliver the highest-quality prosthesis leg with socket (tech) and alignment (PO quality) to 48 million people who currently do not have access to a device in the world. 

Selected as a “J-startup” by the Japanese government as one of the best technology start-ups in Japan, Instalimb products are inspired by 3D and AI technology that offers the much-needed comfort and desired fit for the end users.

According to multiple research around 70% of amputees develop skin related issues associated with prosthetic wear. It also revealed that an ill fitted prosthetic can restrict rehabilitation and pose balance issues for amputees. Taking these findings into consideration, it was observed that it is important for a prosthetic leg to have the right design along with a good socket fit. Instalimb products are strategically developed with advanced technology, superior quality and affordability that will help users to not only walk comfortably but also climb the steps with ease. 

In fact, Instalimb’s dedication and confidence in the socket quality enable them to be the only clinic that provides test socket and test fitting for free. The company knows that any amputees can see the difference in quality.

Yutaka Tokushims, CEO, Instalimb, said: “Instalimb is an innovative approach towards the prosthetics industry. Issues related to socket fit were identified as the biggest factor affecting rehabilitation by around 50% of amputees and 66% of clinicians. Instalimb has taken efforts to meet the expectations of the end users. With our launch in India, we are expecting to reach out to a larger set of individuals who need this kind of advanced assistance and help them to get back their active lifestyle.”

Funded by the Japanese government, Instalimb has connected with eminent hospitals like AIIMS as well as one of the largest organizations, Jaipur Foot for collaborative projects. 

Instalimb has catered to over 500+ amputees in the Philippines since 2019. In India, Instalimb will head its operations from a clinic in Gurgaon. Amputees can register themselves by logging on to

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For further queries you can reach out to us. It’s time to Step it up with Instalimb – Contact us today!

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