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Diabetes is one of the major reasons why people undergo amputations. Do you know why?

It causes nervous system issues, skin ulcers, loss of sensation in the foot, and so much more. The disease often leads to the development of dead tissue or gangrene leading to loss of limb. Once you go through an amputation due to diabetes, there are high chances that you might need to take extra care of your wounds and prevent re-surgery.

Now let’s talk about what really happens when you are diabetic – 

  1. Your blood circulation is hampered – Many people who suffer with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes face this issue. They are often prescribed blood thinner medications to reduce the chances of stroke, embolism, and a paused circulation in your extremities. If you are not following your medication schedule properly, you may develop ulcers in your peripheral limbs.
  1. Rapid fall in Immunity – With DIabetes comes the inevitable effect to your blood plasma, your little fighter cells also known as WBC’s start depleting. This leads to you being more susceptible to infections and viruses. They also take a longer time to heal. For eg; you may develop an infectious gangrene that may lead to limb loss. To prevent that, make sure you clean and examine your extremities, follow up on immunity supplements, and consult your doctor.
  1. Numbness in the foot – This disease has a tendency to affect our nerve circuit tremendously. In a lot of cases, they feel a loss of sensation in their feet and hands. This may lead to undiagnosed foot problems, ulcers, lesions etc. Please do a regular check up of your foot. 
  1. Smoking and Alcohol increase the risk – While diabetes comes with its fair share of issues, including smoking and alcoholic drinks to your routine will speed the damage rate in your body. You may develop infections at a faster rate, with little to no time left for proper treatment. 

Are you an Amputee? Do check our top 10 ways to lead a healthy lifestyle especially combined for people who suffered limb loss.
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