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Starting a new journey and deciding whether you want to get a prosthetic/artificial leg or not. If yes, then what kind. How to decide amongst a great number of options that are in front of you. Every professional might have a different opinion, which might not guide you to the best fit.

To begin with the technicality of choosing the right leg, among various factors that determine the usage of a prosthetic leg, some are mentioned below:

  1. Level of the amputation and its location – For eg: If your stump starts from your thigh then you’ll need an above knee artificial leg. In case your knee is secure in your stump, you’ll need a Below knee artificial leg.
  2. The condition of the residual limb – The condition of your residual limb/stump refers to the stability in terms of size and swelling. If your stump volume is highly unstable you might have to wait and use techniques like bandaging to stabilize before getting a device.
  3. Your activity level, mainly for a prosthetic leg or foot – Activity level highly matters as it determines the need for the kind of suspension system/socket you will require.
  4. Your specific goals and needs – This includes your activity level, future rehabilitation plans, fitness level etc and will carry significance while deciding the right fit for you.

Now, what exactly is an Artificial leg?

A prosthetic or artificial limb, is basically an external device that replaces a missing body part in our body, in this case a missing leg.

This leg can have a varied number of designs and usage, when it comes to lower limb prosthetics there is a similarity in the basic structure of a prosthetic. The common parts are –

  • Socket – The initial contact between the prosthetic and stump, often lined with a liner (foam / silicone / cotton liner)
  • The Pylon –  internal frame or skeleton of the prosthetic limb
  • The Foot – can be of different types depending upon movement / flexibility
  • A covering for cosmetic appearance
  • Different types of socks – to improve comfort within the socket 

Here, Socket is the most powerful part of the prosthetic. It is the primary contact between the prosthetic and residual limb i.e the stump along with a sleeve liner or sock in most cases. The significance of a socket lies in its fit, the better the fit – the better is the distribution of your body weight allowing the proper ease in your movements.

As a new artificial leg user, here are some tips you must cater to :

  • Find the best Prosthetist and trust them – (The best way to take care of your stump and aid your rehabilitation is to follow your PO’s commands and recommendations)
  • Take utmost care of your stump (residual limb)
  • Clean your Prosthesis properly 
  • Create achievable goals for your rehabilitation and follow them without procrastination
  • Reach out to your prosthetist immediately if your face any issue 
  • Have a positive outlook in life
  • Exercise on a regular basis to maintain your stump and body health

To view these in detail – tap here!

As an amputee you must have access to all the answers you need or might need in the future, here is a one stop guide for every amputee. 

If you’re looking for a new artificial leg, interested in free test fitting, confused if your socket is the right fit, finding the best Prosthetist, or any other queries – This is the time to reach out to us and try a test socket free of cost. Step it up with Instalimb – Contact us today!

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